Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ultrakiasu jangan bermain dengan API !

Bershit 3.0  ----   Singapore Straits Times expresses complete denial.
Lester Kong reports from Singapore MFA the allegation is ‘baseless’.

MFA spokesman rebuts that there is no one wearing a yellow Bershit T-shirt.

Singapore High Commissioner ridicules the allegations of Singaporeans involvement in carrying out of upcoming Malaysian polls.

Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia should be mindful of these 2 issues:

1.    Legalise their measures of non-interference in foreign politics by enforcing their staff to declare in the embassy site and make these three liar diplomat offenders face consequences when caught red-handed.

2.    Allow the identities of the three liar diplomat offenders to speak to clear themselves in the newspapers, rather than the H.C. chief speaks on behalf of them.
Malaysian High Commission in Singapore must also stop the online signature of Bershit 3.0 supporters.

A group of Malaysians living in Singapore has launched an online signature drive to the Malaysian High Commision in support of the Bersih 3.0. –AsiaOne”
pejuangmelaka-Usah bermain dengan api ! Hormat bangsa lain jika ingin di hormati !

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