Monday, September 5, 2011

Contoh Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

Nak berhenti kerja? Jom pilih mana surat berhenti yang sesuai. Ada beberapa contoh ’Resignation Letter’
This letter is the simplest, but that is also the problem, at least we need to make it 20 words or more. Furthermore, it’s not so formal. May not be suitable for a lot of us…

This letter is much better. It satisfies our minimum words and it’s more formal. But wait, let’s see more samples just in case there are better ones.

Wow, if you tender this resignation letter I am sure your boss with beg you to stay and even give you lots of increment! Hahaha!
Wait a minute. Who dares to try this last one?!

Let’s all resign and get a better job, shall we?

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